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Pro IC 65
Pro IC 65
- Laos: 2
Hind : 110.00 EUR

The highly flexible PRO-ic from Monitor Audio brings to custom installers the ultimate compact architectural loudspeaker.
Driver technology refined to deliver the unparalleled sonic performance of Monitor Audio's award-winning ultra-compact Radius loudspeakers has been applied to the PRO-ic to render a completely new flush-mounting loudspeaker offering increased installation flexibility in discrete installations.
The PRO-ic features an open back design to allow this ultra slim speaker to fit into the most demanding and compact spaces. Simple quick installation is enhanced by the high-quality gold plated push terminals and effective ‘dog' style fixings.
The PRO-ic utilises a pivoting 20mm C-CAM® Gold Dome tweeter, derived from the remarkable Radius R45 hi-fi monitor - the smallest speaker Monitor Audio has ever made. Its pivoting action allows for the critical high frequencies (to 25 KHz) to be directed toward the listing position for the most accurate imaging. Bass and midrange frequencies are accurately reproduced by a 5" version of the acclaimed Radius MMP® Mk2 driver.
For the PRO-ic, Monitor Audio has combined the virtues of an award-winning ultra compact loudspeaker range with the proven performance of its architectural designs to create a new, versatile, super-compact, flush-mounting speaker, promising enhanced fidelity, increased dynamic range, higher sound pressure levels and ultimate control for the most discrete installations.
C-CAM® is an innovative material originally developed by the aerospace industry for use as blades in jet engines. It exhibits ideal qualities for use as a tweeter dome, avoiding the "break-up" or bending modes of more conventional materials. C-CAM® remains rigid and works more like a pure piston up to 25 KHz. Increased efficiency, clarity and reduced distortion are the benefits.
MMP2 offers an advanced driver technology developed from Monitor Audio's original Metal Matrix Polymer cone material and uses a high-pressure injection moulding process to achieve different thickness at critical points in the cone geometry. It provides better stiffness and consistency and tighter production tolerances resulting in superior sonic performance.