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IV140 Invisible
IV140 Invisible
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Hind : 785.00 EUR

Concealed in-wall or in-ceilings, the speaker fits into all conventional 4" stud bays, leaving enough room for cabling. Once installed and skimmed with plaster, the speaker is completely out of sight, with paint, light wallpaper or fabric hiding it from view.

A large low-frequency transducer and two high frequency transducers provide punchy, high power bass and sound vibration. This two-way transducer design also features an integrated crossover to generate a wider frequency range and deliver crystal clear sound quality with smoother overall balance and character.

An integrated back box design isolates sound and ensures consistent, controlled performance. This rigid back box reduces sound emitted from the rear of the speaker, minimising leakage into other rooms.

Monitor Audio’s IV140 is protected against overload by automatic re-setting circuit breakers (PTC). These will attenuate output for a specific time period to allow the system to cool until normal operation can safely resume.

Frequency Response (-6 dB)

75 Hz - 18 kHz (CP sealed)
55 Hz - 18 kHz (Open back)
Sensitivity (1W@1M)

82 dB (when installed as directed)
Nominal Impedance

8 ohms
Maximum SPL

102.8 dBA
Power Handling (RMS)

50 Watts (full range - IEC268-5 rating)
100 Watts Music program (Using Minimum 80Hz High Pass filter)
Recommended Amplifier Requirements

20-50 Watts (full range)
20-100 Watts (Using Minimum 80 Hz High Pass filter)
Drive Unit Complement

1 x Low-Frequency transducer
2 x High-Frequency transducer
Overall Dimensions (Including Grille (H x W x D))

642 x 401.5 mm (251/4 x 1513/16")
Overall Depth

106 mm (43/16")
Cut-Out Dimensions

591 x 350.5 mm (231/4 x 1313/16")
Mounting Depth

94 mm (311/16")

Sprung push type terminals - Gold plated
Fixing Type

Self-tapping screw
Construction Material

9 mm MDF
Colour / Finish

Black painted, white membrane
Pre-Construction Bracket

WBIV140 Pre-Construction Bracket

9 kg (20 lb)
Sold As

Single Unit