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Lexicon MC12HD Digital Controller+RC7 Võimendi 7 kanalit
Lexicon MC12HD Digital Controller+RC7 Võimendi 7 kanalit
- Laos: 1
- Vana hind: 15 200.00
- Allahindlus: 50
- Garantii: 1
- Koduleht: www.lexicon.com
- Värv:
Hind : 9 120.00 EUR


The MC-12 is the culmination of years of product design, effortlessly combining performance, flexibility, and elegance. Sophisticated and powerful, it is supremely equipped to control the most intricate home theater. Three zones, twelve configurable inputs, onboard processing, twelve output channels, and a wide array of expansion capabilities enable the MC-12 to easily meet the demands of the discerning audio/video enthusiast.

With myriad features available in the MC-12, the simple and intuitive user interface provides ultimate adjustability without being confusing. Access to the listening modes, input and output settings, speaker distances and levels is never more than a few button pushes away.

The MC-12's three zones are independent, allowing for seamless control of multi-room systems. Because each zone is capable of routing a different input source, it is possible to watch a DVD in the home theater while listening to a CD in the kitchen and recording a program from a satellite receiver to a DVD-R. The record zone can also be used to provide audio to a third room.

A glance at the MC-12's rear panel will show the tremendous array of inputs and outputs. Analog audio is available on stereo connectors and a 5.1-channel connector, ideal for DVD-A or SACD sources such as the RT-20 Disc Player. High resolution 24-bit/96kHz analog-to-digital converters can be used to bring these sources into the digital domain for processing or, for audio purists, a true analog bypass option is available which keeps the signal in the analog domain from input to output.


• Twelve channels, twelve configurable inputs, and three zones
• Six High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) inputs
• Up-conversion of composite and S-Video inputs to component video output
• Automatic speaker distance and output level calibration
• Lexicon room EQ (standard with EQ model, optional on other models)
• 5.1-channel analog audio input
• Analog bypass for stereo and 5.1-channel analog audio inputs
• Two 24-bit/192 kHz digital-to-analog converters for each main audio output channel
• Balanced main and second zone audio outputs (except for the base MC-12 HD)
• Thirteen digital audio inputs
• Two digital audio outputs
• Automatic switching between analog and digital audio inputs
• Four component video inputs with full HDTV compatibility
RCA and professional-grade BNC component video inputs/outputs
• Three S-video and two composite video inputs
• Logic 7 technology
• Lexicon LIVE• technology
• Dolby® Digital Surround EX and Dolby Pro Logic® IIx decoding
DTS® 96/24, DTS Neo:6, and DTS-ES (matrix and discrete) decoding
THX Ultra2® and THX Surround EX decoding
• Three trigger outputs, one rear panel IR input and RS-232 control
• Four microphone inputs
• Rack-mount option


7-channel Amplifier
Frequency Response

20Hz to 20kHz +0.1dB/-0.5dB; 10Hz to 40kHz +0.1dB/-1.5dB

Input Impedance

Minimum 10KOhms
Input Sensitivity

1V for 100W out @ 8 Ohms
Rated Output Power into 4 ohms

300W RMS per channel into 4 Ohms from 20Hz to 20kHz
Rated Output Power into 8 ohms

200W RMS per channel into 8 Ohms from 20Hz to 20kHz
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)

Less than 0.05% at full power ratings

Greater than -60dB @ 1kHz (30kHz bandwidth)

Minimum 28dB
Power Requirements

120V 60Hz 12 Amp (domestic) 230V 50Hz 7 Amp (export)
Speaker Connections

7 pairs of heavy-duty, gold-plated binding posts



18.5-inches (including handles) 17.5-inches (not including handles)

105 pounds (23.1 kg)
Included Accessories

Optional brackets are available for mounting the amplifier in a standard 19-inch equipment rack.
Damping Factor

Greater than 400 from 10Hz to 400Hz